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The Fantasy Footballers: Robert Woods or Cooper Kupp – Who To Target in 2020

The choice between Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp never gets easier – both players are too talented.  However, are there some changes in the Rams’ offense from 2019 that may give us an idea of their usage and targets for 2020?  I explore the burning question between Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp and who should get the nod in 2020.


FantasyPros: Are We Sleeping on David Johnson, Todd Gurley, and Le’Veon Bell?

There was a time when these guys were an auto-draft in the 1st Round. They led the league, they won your fantasy leagues and having them incited fear in the hearts of your opponents. Things have changed for all three back, but are we passing on these RBs at our peril? I look at what has changed for each back to find fantasy potential for 2020.

FantasyPros: Mock Drafts – Targeting Former Elite RBs

If you’re into either David Johnson, Todd Gurley, or Le’Veon Bell this year at their 3rd Round or later value, here is a mock draft on what your team could look like if you are actively targeting those players.  I mock three drafts in a 12 team league from the beginning, middle, and end and see how a fantasy team could shake out with one of these former elite RBs on my squad.

FantasyPros: 3 Bounce-Back Qbs for 2020

Of course, we all want a QB Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson on our fantasy team, it’s like a cheat code to the championship. But, if you’re not willing to spend the draft cost on taking them as early as the 1st Round, here are three bounce-back candidates for 2020 that you can get late in your drafts. Save that draft capital for the RB and WR studs instead.


 The Fantasy Footballers: How Juju Smith-Schuster Can Bounce Back in 2020

We were all disappointed with Smith-Schuster 2019 campaign, but it seemed like the world was truly against him.  I evaluate what went wrong last year and what needs to happen for JuJu Smith-Schuster to have a bounce-back year in 2020


The Fantasy Footballers: Make Up or Break Up With Philip Rivers

The Los Angles Chargers have moved on from veteran Philip Rivers but should we do the same in fantasy football?  I wrote a heartfelt letter, that may be a touch acerbic, to Phil and look at whether or not I will give him another chance in 2020.


The Fantasy Footballers: June Live Mock Draft

The Fantasy Footballers hosts Andy, Mike, and Jason mock draft from the uncomfortable last position.  Check out their picks and analysis and see how their team turned out.


The Fantasy Footballers: What to Expect from Jordan Howard in 2020

It feels like Jordan Howard has been in the league for twenty years, yet he’s only 25 years old and on his third NFL.  We saw glimpses of his rise to fantasy greatness during his time in Philadelphia, but it fell short due to a shoulder injury.  Now with the Miami Dolphins, does Jordan Howard have the opportunity on the worst offensive in the league to rebound to RB1 territory or will vanish into fantasy irrelevance in 2020.

The Fantasy Footballers: What to Expect from Le’Veon Bell in 2020

Are we sleeping on Le’Veon Bell?  If you asked me this question 2 years ago, I would have laughed at you.  However, after a holdout year and then a “meh” season in 2019 with the Jets, it’s no surprise his ADP is low and falling.  Adding Frank Gore to the RB mix doesn’t help this decline but are we doing ourselves a favor looking over Bell or is it a huge disservice to our roster?


The Fantasy Footballers: Ultimate Draft Tips for 2020

Recap of The Fantasy Footballers podcast where they discuss some of their favorite features of the 2020 Ultimate Draft Kit and how they use these features both for their draft and in-season.


The Fantasy Footballers: Report Card on Keenan Allen

If you had Keenan Allen last year, you probably ended the season feeling pretty disappointed.  Even though he finished the season as a WR1 in .5 PPR, his up and down season gave you whiplash and left you second-guessing when you should start him.  The Report Card on Keenan Allen gives him a grade for the 2019 and his 2020 outlook.  Is he worth drafting for your squad this year?

The Fantasy Footballers: 2020 NFL Rookie Landing Spots Round 1

This year’s rookie draft has a lot of depth and there are plenty of teams in need of fresh talent.  In this article for The Fantasy Footballers, I break down the landing spots for WRs drafted in the FIRST ROUND and the fantasy implications for the upcoming season.  


The Fantasy Footballers: 2020 NFL Rookie Landing Spots Round 2

Round 1 of the 2020 draft is in the books and it could not have come at a better time in our sports-starved lives.  There were some predictable draft picks and some surprises, with big WR names falling to the SECOND ROUND.  In this article, I evaluate the WRs drafted in the second round of the 2020 draft and the fantasy implications for the upcoming season.


The Fantasy Footballers: David Johnson Can Finish as an RB1 in 2020

It may seem controversial to some, perhaps redundant and downright annoying to others, but I take a look at David Johnson as a Houston Texan and his opportunity to have a 2020 redemption year.

Should you be considering DJ for your rosters?


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