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Fake Pig Skin: Week 14 TNF Fantasy Preview

It’s the playoffs!  If you have a first round bye, good for you, enjoy your week off!  If you are hoping to stay alive for Week 15, here is a breakdown of TNF Cowboys vs. Bears this Thursday to get you started for Week 14 Sunday and Monday matchups.

The Fantasy Footballers: Week 14 Waiver Wire

It’s playoff time!  It’s now more critical than ever to scour the waiver wire and get prepared for Weeks 15 – 16 and win yourself a championship!  Remember to listen to The Fantasy Football waiver wire episode for a full breakdown of all these players to get your ready for the playoffs.

The Fantasy Footballers: Week 12 Waiver Wire

Need help with waiver wire options?  With bye weeks and injuries, The Fantasy Footballers and I cover waiver options and who you should target for your Week 12 matchups and you run to and through the playoffs.

The Fantasy Footballers: Week 11 Waiver Wire

I cover Week 11 Waiver Wire episode for The Fantasy Footballers – let’s get you covered for your push to the playoffs!

Fake Pig Skin: Week 10 TNF Fantasy Preview Chargers @ Raiders

Week 10 Rivalry game Los Angeles Chargers at the Oakland Raiders could be a cornucopia of fantasy points.  I look at the both teams’ defenses and find those fantasy starts and sits to help you make your push to the playoffs

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Is it just me, or does that pic beg for the caption… “You look really familiar, but I can’t remember your name, so I’m just going to fake smile”?  It does to me, anyway.

Right, about me.  I am a wife to my amazing husband, a stepmother of two, adamant sports fanatic, animal lover, small business owner, and writer.  I graduated Magna cum Laude with a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Missouri but ended up starting my own business building websites.  Go figure.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a love for writing.  In fact, my mom still has my very first book I wrote when I was five.  It was an epic tale about a rat named Steve who lived in a sewer and ate large mouth bass.

Oh, I love the outdoors as well, by the way.  I guess that’s why Steve specifically ate large mouth bass.  Love me some fishing.  And golf.  Basically anything active, unless it’s Sunday morning and I am hungover making food for Football Sunday.  Then I’m not leaving my house and five TVs.

Anyway, I started playing fantasy football in 2014 thanks to some excellent friends who got me hooked instantly.  I combined my love of football with my passion for writing and …. well, here we are.

You can find my work on the award-winning Fantasy Footballers, as well as The Fantasy Whisperers and Fake Pig Skin.  I also appear sporadically on podcasts, but appear regularly on Ball Blast and Sports Outliers, which you can find anywhere podcasts are dropped.  Every Wednesday I plan to post a new video to help you with your starts and sits for Thursday, Sunday, and Monday, so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and click on the bell for notifications!