Rotoworld: Browns Win the Wild Card Weekend

We had our first Super Wild Card Weekend and not only was it super, but it was indeed wild. Every game, except maybe the Bears-Saints game, was full of action with plenty of storylines heading into and emerging from each game. Without a doubt, the game that captured the weekend was the Browns explosive rematch victory against their arch rival Pittsburgh Steelers who will watch the rest of the 2020 season stunned on their couches.

Rotoworld: Get Ready For The Super Wild Card Weekend

It’s here! We have a jam-packed weekend full of football with two triple-header days on Saturday and Sunday. The NFL has changed their playoff scheduling so we get even more football to enjoy. The Packers and the Chiefs are both on a bye, but we have plenty of heavy-hitting teams chomping at the bit to get into the next round of the playoffs. I review the games on both days and what we should expect from each matchup.

Rotoworld: Derrick Henry Reaches 2K and Wild Card Preview

Tennessee Titans RB Derrick Henry is checking all the boxes in his campaign for the 2020 MVP nod, that includes eclipsing 2,000 rushing yards like he did in Week 17. I also review the first Super Wild Card Weekend triple header with three games on Saturday and another three on Sunday. Whether you’re in a playoff league or dipping your toes in DFS, we’re here with you through the playoffs.

Rotoworld: Who Is Starting and Who Is Resting

Normally, the regular fantasy season ends on Week 16, but there are some leagues that play through Week 17. I don’t recommend it, mostly because we really don’t know who will be playing, resting, or even seeing a full four quarters of action. I review the matchups coming up this Sunday and take a look at which teams have the best opportunity to give you the best fantasy scores in Week 17.

The Fantasy Footballers: Week 17 Waiver Wire

For those select few leagues who play in Week 17, first, maybe look into changing that… second, we’re still here to help you make the best waiver wire decisions possible. Check out the Fantasy Footballers waiver wire episode to get Andy, Mike, and Jason’s take on who you should target and who you can drop to make room on your rosters.

Rotoworld: Fantasy Finals: The Champions

We did it! We actually got through an entire fantasy football season! I recap the weekend’s games on Saturday and Sunday and who got you the coveted Championship Winner Trophy for the 2020 season.


Rotoworld: Christmas Day Preview: Vikings at Saints

I review the past history between and look at an overview of between the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints Christmas Day matchup. Then, I preview the game and what it will take for each team to take home the win.


FantasyPros: Five Burning Questions for Week 16

It’s Championship Week! I tackle five burning questions surrounding Week 16 like whether or not we should trust Drew Brees, who will be the starting QB for the Washington Football Team, and which DST should you stream to take home the championship title.


The Fantasy Footballers: Week 16 Waiver Wire

For most leagues, there is one last week of fantasy football and it’s the last chance to fill in any gaps on your team or replace injured players. Check out the Fantasy Footballers waiver wire episode to decide who you should target and who you can drop to make room on your roster.


Rotoworld: Playoffs Round 2: Fantasy Flops and Surprises

I review the good and the bad during Sunday’s Week 15 matchups. Who helped you and hurt your chances to advance to the finals.


Rotoworld: Justin Herbert Kicks Off Fantasy Semi-Finals

We made it to the semi-finals and the Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders kick our Week 15. I review Thursday night’s matchup and the fantasy studs and stinkers.


FantasyPros: Five Burning Questions for Week 15

It’s the semi-finals in our fantasy season and it’s time to go big or go home. There are a lot of questions we will face heading into one of the biggest matchups of the season. What should you do about a disappointing Josh Jacobs who plays on Thursday night? Who can you stream on DST and QB? Can Terry McLaurin have a bounce-back after two weeks in a row of sub-par performances? I dive into these and more in this week’s editions of Five Burning Questions for the 2020 season.

The Fantasy Footballers: Week 15 Waiver Wire

The semi-finals are here and you may need some help with your team this week with injuries, matchups, and streaming options. Make sure you listen to the Fantasy Footballers 2020 Week 15 Waiver Wire episode to get Andy, Mike, and Jason’s take on all of these options, who you should target, and who you can drop to make room for your squad. Check out our other articles to make the best decision possible for your team and good luck in Week 15!

Rotoworld: Playoffs Round 1: Who Helped, Who Didn’t

The first round of the playoffs are officially in the books and we had some surprising fantasy studs and stinkers that either helped or ruined your chances to advance to the next round. We still have the Browns-Ravens matchup on Monday night with plenty of fantasy pieces in our lineups, but let’s see how the weekend shook out and who we are happy with or done with for the season.

Rotoworld: Cam Akers Leads Rams to Revenge Victory

Thursday night football featured a Super Bowl rematch between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots. While both teams look dramatically different than they did in Super Bowl LIII, the bad blood is still there after the Rams embarrassing loss to the Patriots. I review the game and the fantasy impacts to start off our Week 14 quarter-final matchups for the playoffs.

FantasyPros: Five Burning Questions for Week 14

The fantasy playoffs are finally here and it’s hard to believe considering we weren’t even sure we would have a 2020 season. I explore five questions we may have heading into the quarter-finals of the playoffs. What should we expect from the Eagles’ new starter, Jalen Hurts? Are there any startable options to give you a leg up on Thursday Night Football? Can we trust the Chargers to have fantasy-relevant pieces after a dismal game last week? I explore these questions and more in this week’s edition of Five Burning Questions for the 2020 season.

The Fantasy Footballers: Week 14 Waiver Wire

The quarter-finals are here and you may need some help with your team this week with injuries, matchups, and streaming options. Make sure you listen to the Fantasy Footballers 2020 Week 15 Waiver Wire episode to get Andy, Mike, and Jason’s take on all of these options, who you should target, and who you can drop to make room for your squad. Check out our other articles to make the best decision possible for your team and good luck in Week 14!

Rotoworld: Crucial Week 13 Full of Fantasy Highs and Lows

Week 13 is a pivotal week for many of us hoping to get into the playoffs, so of course, Sunday’s games were absolutely crazy. We had a little bit of everything happen on Sunday and I break down some of the more notable headlines including QB Baker Mayfield making Browns history. I also look at your fantasy winner and losers who may have either propelled your team to the playoffs or catastrophically hurt you… ahem… Justin Herbert, I am looking at you.

FantasyPros: Five Burning Questions for Week 13

It’s a Week 13 in fantasy football and for many of us, this week will determine our playoffs hopes and dreams. I tackle some questions we may have like which teams have the best playoff schedule moving forward, what to do if you need to replace Will Fuller, what to do with Latavius Murray and Alvin Kamara, and more as we head into Sunday’s matchups.


The Fantasy Footballers: Week 13 Waiver Wire

It’s the last week to either or make or break your playoff hopes before Week 14. The trade deadlines are over, so the waiver wire is more important than ever.

I review the top waiver candidates for WRs, RBs, and TEs but make sure to listen to the Fantasy Footballers Waiver Wire episode for Andy, Mike, and Jason’s take on the available players.

Rotoworld: Tyreek Hill Reigns Supreme For Fantasy Sunday

I review the fantasy performances for top-five producers at the QB, RB, WR, and TE positions as well as the players that scored thirty points or more on Sunday. Tyreek Hill is truly a freak of nature scoring over 50 points in fantasy and humiliating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Rotoworld: Fantasy Feasts During Thanksgiving Games

There’s nothing better on Thanksgiving than a perfectly cooked turkey, your family’s stuffing, pumpkin pie, and some football. We originally had three games scheduled, but the Ravens-Steelers game was rescheduled due to COVID. We still had two exciting games that I recap in case that tryptophan nap forced you to miss some action. Congrats if you started RB Antonio

Gibson or QB Deshaun Watson, by the way, who crushed it on Thanksgiving.

FantasyPros: Five Burning Questions for Week 12

It’s Thanksgiving! That means food, family, and (of course) football! We had three games scheduled to play on Thursday, but due to a COVID outbreak, the Ravens-Steelers game is rescheduled for Tuesday… For now. I look at five burning questions we may have heading into Week 12 and whether or not there are starters on Thanksgiving to give us a leg up for Sunday’s games.

The Fantasy Footballers: Week 12 Waiver Wire

Is is time to start trusting Nelson Agholor? Depending on the matchup, Agholor may be a secret weapon as we get closer to the fantasy playoffs. I review waiver wire targets for WRs, RBs, and TEs to accompany the Fantasy Footballers Waiver Wire podcast episode.

Rotoworld: Taysom Hill Shines in an Exciting Week 11

In an interesting twist, Saints head coach Sean Peyton named Taysom Hill as the starting quarterback instead of backup Jameis Winston. I look at his debut, and all of the Sunday games, and recap our fantasy heroes in Week 11.


Rotoworld: Seahawks Take NFC West Lead Over the Cardinals

I review the rematch between division rivals Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks as they battled for the the lead in the NFC West.


FantasyPros: Five Burning Questions for Week 11

I tackle five burning questions we may have as we head into Week 11. Can Russell Wilson bounce back after a disappointing Week 10? Which teams have the best schedule and who should you target or start to get into the fantasy playoffs? I look at these questions and more in this week’s edition of Five Burning Questions.

The Fantasy Footballers: Week 11 Waiver Wire

Week 11 Waiver Wire targets to go along with the Fantasy Footballers waiver wire podcast.


Rotoworld: Teams to Target Before the Trade Deadline

The fantasy trade deadline is looming. Here is a breakdown of the best matchups heading to and through the playoffs.


Rotoworld: Colts Defense Hobbles the Titans on TNF

A review of the Thursday night matchup between the Titans and the Colts and who got you started off on the right foot for Sunday’s Games.


FantasyPros: Five Burning Questions for Week 10

We have four teams on a bye this week and one of them is the Kansas City Chiefs and their explosive QB who is a week-in, week-out starter in fantasy. I explore some replacement options and dive into other questions we may have heading into Week 10 and preparing for the fantasy playoffs.


The Fantasy Footballers: Waiver Wire Week 10

There are four teams on a bye in Week 10 and we are also looking ahead to the fantasy playoffs. No, it’s not too soon to do that. Once the trade deadline comes and goes, the waiver wire will be your only option for new talent on your squad. I look at The Fantasy Footballers list of WRs, RBs, and TEs that could be available and give you some options to target as we prepare for Week 10.

Rotoworld: Head-Scratchers, Nail-Biters, Trade Targets

Week 9 was a doozy! I touch on some of the more interesting matchups, fantasy producers, and trade targets as we approach Week 10 and the back-half of the fantasy season.

Remember to check your league’s trade deadline and start planning for your playoffs now.

Rotoworld: Rodgers and Adams Run the TNF Show

I catch you up on Thursday’s COVID-19 news including the Raiders feeling the hit from failing to comply with coronavirus protocols. The TNF matchup was thoroughly lopsided as I dive into Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams’s performances.


FantasyPros: Five Burning Questions for Week 9

It’s hard to believe we are in Week 9 already, but here we are! I talk about five burning questions that we may have as we look ahead to the next week of football. Can the Packers pull out a must-win? What can we expect from Antonio Brown’s debut? Is there any hope for RB in free agency? I explore these questions and more in this week’s edition.

The Fantasy Footballers: Week 9 Waiver Wire

It’s Week 9 Waivers here to save the day! We saw a lot of big names go down to injury and we also some absentees due to COVID for our Week 9 matchups.

Make sure you listen to the Fantasy Footballers Waiver Wire episode for Week 9 for their targets, who you can drop, and QB & DST streamers of the week.

FantasyPros: Five Burning Questions for Week 7

I explore some burning questions fantasy managers may have as we look ahead to Week 7. Who can step up to the plate for the Eagles? What should we expect from Miami moving forward? Can the Cowboys get their act together this season? These are just a few of the questions I attempt to answer for Week 7.

The Fantasy Footballers: Week 7 Waiver Wire

With more injuries to the Philadelphia Eagles and a wasteland on the waiver wire, The Fantasy Footballers look into who you should target for Week 7 and who you can drop from your roster to make room.

Remember to listen to the Waiver Wire episode for Andy, Mike, and Jason’s full breakdown of each of these players.

Rotoworld: Sunday’s Fantasy Highlights and Trade Targets for Week 7

I review the fantasy winners and losers from Week 6 and explore players you should consider trading for and away as we near the middle-mark of the season.


Rotoworld: Le’Veon Bell Agrees to Terms With The Chiefs

It’s Friday! For most of us, that means getting ready for the weekend, checking our lineups, and maybe scoping out a trade or two. However, if you are Clyde Edwards-Helaire owner or a fan of the Falcons, you may be thinking this Friday isn’t so great after all. I go over news from around the league including Bell’s signing with the Chiefs and the Falcons closing their facility due to COVID positive tests.

FantasyPros: Five Burning Questions for Week 6

We didn’t have a Thursday game but we did have our first Tuesday night game in 2020 that may not be the last. This week, I tackle five burning questions as we head into Week 6 such as what to think about Le’Veon Bell’s landing spot, what to expect from Andy Dalton, and more.


The Fantasy Footballers: Waiver Wire Week 6

Need some help with your Week 6 waivers? We’ve got you covered. Also, remember to check out The Fantasy Footballers Waiver Wire episode for a full breakdown of the players on the wire, who you should target, and who you can drop to make room. They also cover streaming defenses and quarterbacks.


Rotoworld: Alex Smith Returns, Dak Prescott’s Season Ends

Week 5 was crazy. We saw the Falcons fire their head coach and general manager, comeback wins, and more big plays. Washington’s QB Alex Smith makes his 2020 debut after playing last in 2018 and suffering a compound fracture that nearly ended his life, let alone his career. However, the biggest news was the gruesome injury to Cowboys’ QB Dak Prescott. Andy Dalton took over under center and led the team to victory, but it’s bad news for Dak who is playing under the franchise tag. His future with the Cowboys is in doubt, but his health is the biggest concern moving forward.

Rotoworld: Week 5 Sunday Fantasy Blog

Want to stay up-to-date on all the action during Sunday’s games? Tune in to Rotoworld’s Sunday Fantasy Blog as I bring you the big plays, touchdowns, scoring changes, and injuries news LIVE during the 1:00 pm EST and 4:00 pm EST slate of games.

I will update the blog live each Sunday so come join me!

FantasyPros: Four Burning Questions for Week 5

I tackle some burning questions we have heading into Week 5 including COVID-19 scheduling questions, Michael Thomas’ status, and more. Yes, normally it’s five burning questions, but the article wasn’t published until after one question about TNF was moot.


Rotoworld: Schedule Carousel, Bears Claw Their Way to 4-1

It wasn’t exactly a pretty game for either team and the argument can be made that the Buccaneers actual lost rather than the Bears winning. I also discuss the copious scheduling changes due to the Titans and other teams affected by the Coronavirus and what that means for your fantasy roster.

The Fantasy Footballers: Waiver Week 5 (Fantasy Football)

I cover the Tuesday episode of The Fantasy Footballers podcast where hosts Andy, Mike, and Jason go in-depth on available players on the waiver wire heading into Week 5.


Rotoworld: More High Scoring Games and Trade Targets

The NFL is seeing record highs in scoring over the first few weeks of the season. Russell Wilson and Dak Prescott are blowing up your fantasy scores and we saw Joe Mixon and Odell Beckham, Jr. each have three-touchdown games.

I review some of the matchups from Sunday’s slate of games and discuss Week 5 trade targets and who you should be looking to move.

FantasyPros: Five Burning Questions for Week 4

This is our first week dealing with a major set back due to COVID-19. After this articles was published, the NFL is cancelling the Titans/Steelers game until a later date this year. Make sure to pivot away from those starters in your lineup. I also look at other questions like whether or not RB Rex Burkhead or WR Justin Jefferson will be the real deal moving forward and what to expect from Thursday’s matchup between the Broncos and the Jets.

The Fantasy Footballers: Waiver Wire Week 4

If you are looking for a WR, the waiver wire isn’t a dead zone yet with plenty of options to choose from like Justin Jefferson, Scotty Miller, or Anthony Miller. However, the TE and RB landscape is not so fortunate.

Don’t forget to listen to the Fantasy Footballers Wavier Podcast every Tuesday for in-depth breakdowns of all of these players.

Rotoworld: “Fantasy Irrelevant” Is a Loose Term in Week 3

Most of the big names had stinker performances while we got a whopping dose of “That Helps No One” on Sunday. I mean, of course you started Cedric Wilson of the Dallas Cowboys. Who wouldn’t?

I also review some trade targets heading into Week 4 and recap injury updates.

Rotoworld: Dolphins Declaw the Jaguars

This game wasn’t very sexy on paper heading into Week 3, but Ryan Fitzpatrick turned his magical beard up to 11 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Other the hand, QB Gardner Minshew failed to live up to the Week 3 streaming hype.

I break down the game and discuss the fantasy implications of Week 3’s TNF Matchup.

The Fantasy Footballers: Week 3 Waiver Wire

This week’s waiver wire claims may be the most crucial pickups of the year. I cover a handful of names you should be targetting on the waiver wire from The Fantasy Footballers podcast. Make sure you listen to their Tuesday episode for a full breakdown of these players, who you should target, and who you can drop to make room for these replacements.

Rotoworld: Injuries Dominate Sunday’s Matchups, Surprising Games, Trade Targets

Sunday was a rough day for football. Injuries plagued nearly every team with some big names unable to finish their respective games. The Falcons found a way to lose again and the Cowboys can breathe a sigh of relief after the victory. The Chargers can also rest easy after watching their rookie QB, Justin Herbert, make his NFL debut against the reigning Super Bowl Champs by forcing the game into overtime. I also discuss a few trade targets if you are in need of a replacement after the buzz saw of injuries in Week 2.

Rotoworld: Browns Advance to 1-1, Bengals Still Have Hope, Injury Updates

TNF’s matchup wasn’t as glamorous as last Thursday’s matchup between the Texans and the Chiefs, but the game was still exciting for fantasy and for real football. QB Baker Mayfield led the Browns to their first victory of the 2020 season and RB Nick Chubb crushed the Bengals defense with two touchdowns. I evaluate Thursday’s game, look at the fantasy implications, and add injury updates to be aware of heading into Sunday’s matchups.

Rotoworld: Buccaneers Lose, Rookie RBs Win, Trade Targets

Sunday’s Week 1 was full of some great games and also some big upsets. The 49ers went down to the Cardinals and the Eagles lost to a hungry Washington Football team, to name a few. Rookie running backs stepped up in a big during their NFL debut and I take a look at some of the highlights from Sunday’s matchups as well as some potential trade targets after some big names bombed. Remember that Week 1 is weird! You can capitalize on that to add some talented depth to your rosters if you need the depth at certain positions.

Rotoworld: 2020 – A Year of Safety and a League for Change

For Week 1 Friday Daily Dose, I look back at our first 2020 TNF game featuring the Texans and defending champs Chiefs. It was obvious that the Chiefs didn’t bother to ascribe to the “Suber Bowl Hangover” and after shaking off a bit of rust, they proved they are a contender for another Super Bowl run this year. I also list some injury updates and quick hits from around the league.

FantasyPros: Week 1 Five Burning Questions for 2020

The 2020 season is finally upon us and the new season brings many questions that fantasy GMs are anxiously waiting for answers to.  What will the rush versus passing volume look like? How will all of the RBBCs shake out as the season progresses? I explore some of these questions for a better understanding of how this year could unfold.

Rotoworld: Adrian Peterson Signs With the Lions

On Monday’s Daily’s Dose, I take a look at 53-man roster cuts, specifically RB Adrian Peterson’s signing with the Detroit Lions and what it means for the RBs both in Detroit and in Washington. Hope you have some shares of rookie Antonio Gibson.

Rotoworld: Two QB Starters & Fournette Fantasy Fallout

Week 1 is almost upon us and teams are beginning to assign starters like the New England Patriots and the Washington Football Team who confirmed that Cam Newton and Dwayne Haskins will indeed be their starters for Week 1. I also look at Fournette’s move across the street to Tampa and what that means for Ronald Jones II and your fantasy drafts.

The Fantasy Footballers: Three QBs to Remember in 2020

Whether you are preparing for your drafts or scanning the waiver wire for late-round QB fliers, here are three quarterbacks to remember for the 2020 season.


Rotoworld: Three Improved O-Lines & Their Fantasy Impacts

There is so much data we look at when we evaluate players for the upcoming season, but there is one metric I pay particular attention to In this piece. I look at three improved/upgraded offensive lines and what they mean for the skill positions.


The Fantasy Footballers: Three WRs to Remember in 2020

In the next installment of my Players to Remember series, I tackle the toughest skill position group yet… the WRs. It was incredibly difficult to narrow down just three to remember for 2020, so I added some honorable mentions that I believe you should keep your eye on as we get closer to the 2020 season.


The Fantasy Footballers: The Case For Matthew Stafford in 2020

In the Fantasy Footballers Fantasy Court Series, fellow writer Aaron Larson and I look at the case FOR and AGAINST QB Matthew Stafford in his upcoming 2020 campaign. Read both articles and decide whether or not Stafford has a shot at hitting it big this year.

HINT: The correct answer is that YES, he will. 🙂

The Fantasy Footballers: Three RBs to Remember in 2020

Next up in my Players to Remember series is the running back position.  I look at three running backs going in the 9th Round and later who have fantasy upside in 2020 that you can draft for dirt cheap or even for free.  Keep these guys in mind as you approach your drafts. Fantasy gold can await in these middle to late rounds.

The Fantasy Footballers: Three TEs to Remember in 2020

Identifying late-round gems at any position can be the key to winning your championship.  In this article series, I start with three tight ends who are going super late in drafts or going undrafted completely.  These three TEs aren’t the only sleeper options at TE, but they have tremendous upside in the 2020 season.

FantasyPros: Ideal Lineup Zero Running Back (2020 Fantasy Football)

You may have heard of the term “Zero RB” before. It’s waiting until the 6th Round to start drafting the RB position. This allows us to load up on elite talent at other positions early in the draft. I take a look at an Ideal Lineup using this strategy then mock draft to see how our team actually turned out.

FantasyPros: Ideal Lineup Zero Wide Receiver (2020 Fantasy Football)

It’s getting closer and closer to the official start of the NFL season and you may experimenting with different draft strategies. I take a look at an Ideal Lineup for the Zero WR method then mock draft to see how our team shaped up.

The Fantasy Footballers: NFC South Fantasy Football Breakdown Recap

The NFC South is home to a gold mine of fantasy opportunity for 2020 with the New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, Tamp Bay Buccaneers, and the Carolina Panthers.  In this article, I recap Andy, Mike, and Jason’s breakdown of these four teams and their fantasy implications in 2020.

The Fantasy Footballers: What To Expect From Miles Sanders in 2020

Since the Eagles failed to add a veteran running back to replace Jordan Howard so far in the offseason, there is quite a bit of hype surrounding Miles Sanders’ production and usage in 2020.  I explore what we should expect from Sanders this year in a Doug Pederson led offense.  Can he be the featured back or is the RBBC the way of the Eagles?

The Fantasy Footballers: Robert Woods or Cooper Kupp – Who To Target in 2020

The choice between Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp never gets easier – both players are too talented.  However, are there some changes in the Rams’ offense from 2019 that may give us an idea of their usage and targets for 2020?  I explore the burning question between Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp and who should get the nod in 202.

FantasyPros: Are We Sleeping on David Johnson, Todd Gurley, and Le’Veon Bell?

There was a time when these guys were an auto-draft in the 1st Round. They led the league, they won your fantasy leagues and having them incited fear in the hearts of your opponents. Things have changed for all three back, but are we passing on these RBs at our peril? I look at what has changed for each back to find fantasy potential for 2020.

FantasyPros: Mock Drafts – Targeting Former Elite RBs

If you’re into either David Johnson, Todd Gurley, or Le’Veon Bell this year at their 3rd Round or later value, here is a mock draft on what your team could look like if you are actively targeting those players.  I mock three drafts in a 12 team league from the beginning, middle, and end and see how a fantasy team could shake out with one of these former elite RBs on my squad.

FantasyPros: 3 Bounce-Back Qbs for 2020

Of course, we all want a QB Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson on our fantasy team, it’s like a cheat code to the championship. But, if you’re not willing to spend the draft cost on taking them as early as the 1st Round, here are three bounce-back candidates for 2020 that you can get late in your drafts. Save that draft capital for the RB and WR studs instead.

The Fantasy Footballers: How Juju Smith-Schuster Can Bounce Back in 2020

We were all disappointed with Smith-Schuster 2019 campaign, but it seemed like the world was truly against him.  I evaluate what went wrong last year and what needs to happen for JuJu Smith-Schuster to have a bounce-back year in 2020

The Fantasy Footballers: Make Up or Break Up With Philip Rivers

The Los Angles Chargers have moved on from veteran Philip Rivers but should we do the same in fantasy football?  I wrote a heartfelt letter, that may be a touch acerbic, to Phil and look at whether or not I will give him another chance in 2020.

The Fantasy Footballers: June Live Mock Draft

The Fantasy Footballers hosts Andy, Mike, and Jason mock draft from the uncomfortable last position.  Check out their picks and analysis and see how their team turned out.

The Fantasy Footballers: What to Expect from Jordan Howard in 2020

It feels like Jordan Howard has been in the league for twenty years, yet he’s only 25 years old and on his third NFL.  We saw glimpses of his rise to fantasy greatness during his time in Philadelphia, but it fell short due to a shoulder injury.  Now with the Miami Dolphins, does Jordan Howard have the opportunity on the worst offensive in the league to rebound to RB1 territory or will vanish into fantasy irrelevance in 2020.

The Fantasy Footballers: What to Expect from Le’Veon Bell in 2020

Are we sleeping on Le’Veon Bell?  If you asked me this question 2 years ago, I would have laughed at you.  However, after a holdout year and then a “meh” season in 2019 with the Jets, it’s no surprise his ADP is low and falling.  Adding Frank Gore to the RB mix doesn’t help this decline but are we doing ourselves a favor looking over Bell or is it a huge disservice to our roster?


The Fantasy Footballers: Ultimate Draft Tips for 2020

Recap of The Fantasy Footballers podcast where they discuss some of their favorite features of the 2020 Ultimate Draft Kit and how they use these features both for their draft and in-season.


The Fantasy Footballers: Report Card on Keenan Allen

If you had Keenan Allen last year, you probably ended the season feeling pretty disappointed.  Even though he finished the season as a WR1 in .5 PPR, his up and down season gave you whiplash and left you second-guessing when you should start him.  The Report Card on Keenan Allen gives him a grade for the 2019 and his 2020 outlook.  Is he worth drafting for your squad this year?

The Fantasy Footballers: 2020 NFL Rookie Landing Spots Round 1

This year’s rookie draft has a lot of depth and there are plenty of teams in need of fresh talent.  In this article for The Fantasy Footballers, I break down the landing spots for WRs drafted in the FIRST ROUND and the fantasy implications for the upcoming season.  

The Fantasy Footballers: 2020 NFL Rookie Landing Spots Round 2

Round 1 of the 2020 draft is in the books and it could not have come at a better time in our sports-starved lives.  There were some predictable draft picks and some surprises, with big WR names falling to the SECOND ROUND.  In this article, I evaluate the WRs drafted in the second round of the 2020 draft and the fantasy implications for the upcoming season.

The Fantasy Footballers: David Johnson Can Finish as an RB1 in 2020

It may seem controversial to some, perhaps redundant and downright annoying to others, but I take a look at David Johnson as a Houston Texan and his opportunity to have a 2020 redemption year.

Should you be considering DJ for your rosters?