Maybe you have seen the hashtags #Five4Me, #Ten2Talk, or #Fifteen4Change floating around Twitter lately. If you’re curious as to what these hashtags mean or what they are for, here is a brief description of their purpose and my fellow fantasy colleagues and I are trying to do to create awareness of mental health.

#Fifteen4Change is incredibly personal effort to promote awareness and understanding for all different kinds of mental health issues. The whole idea behind #Fifteen4Change is actually a combination of two ideas: #Ten2Talk and #Five4Me, thus coming together with #Fifteen4Change.

#Five4Me is a reminder to take at least five minutes out of your incredibly busy and stressful day and dedicate it to yourself. It could be going for a walk, doing a yoga pose, maybe a five meditation to recenter yourself.

#Ten2Talk is to promote both listening to and talking about mental health with someone, be it a professional or just friend. It’s meant to remind us to take those ten minutes and really listen to someone in need with an OPEN and COMPASSIONATE heart and mind. The same goes for talking about your own issues of mental health. Sometimes, simply listening or talking about something can make a world of difference in our lives.

Please take just five minutes for yourself and then tweet about it with the hashtags #Five4Me and #Fifteen4Change. If you find yourself in need of a vent session or if you are the one lending a compassionate ear, let everyone know!

Perhaps together we can reduce the stigma associated with issues surrounding mental health so people can feel more free to seek help without judgement or simply know they are not alone. Let’s spread the word and be kind to one another, starting with taking five minutes for yourself and giving ten minutes to another (or yourself, too) to create fifteen minutes towards change.

This page is still a work in progress and we will continually be adding information as we create this movement going forward.